Finalize Trips

At the end of the day the goal is to have the Schedule and Sent boards empty. All trips should be on the Delivered Board, indicating that they are either Delivered, No Show, Cancelled, Denied, Deleted or Suspended. If your system has tablets, all trips should automatically be on the delivered board at the end of the day.

  • Note: No Shows, must manually be marked as such by dispatch to confirm what the driver has marked, but this should happen during the course of the day.

If to manually mark trips as delivered, it is usually best to review each manifest turned in, and mark any trips that are cancelled or no shows. Then any remaining trips should be delivered. It is possible to deliver all remaining trips at once.

From the Trip Ticket Menu choose:

Deliver/Suspend Trips-> Deliver Trips -> All Including SELF and VOLUNTEER

Deliver All Trips.

If you don’t have a Self of Volunteer Program you could also choose the All Except SELF and VOLUNTEER, and have the same effect.

Now that trips are delivered, you can reconcile fares and then archive trips.