Reconcile Fares

To open the Reconcile Fares window, click on a route heading, then choose the Tools-> Reconcile Fares menu.

Reconcile Fares Menu

You will be presented with a summary of trips peformed by the driver selected. (Note: If the window doesn’t open, you’ll need to make sure to click on a route heading first to select a driver.)

Reconcile Fares Summary List

This list will allow you to see the total that should have been collected in each Fare Type category. If there is anything wrong with a category, you can double click a row to get a list of the trips in that Fare Type:

Reconcile Fares Detail List

From this list if there is a trip in the wrong category, you can double click the trip to open it up for editing. Once you close the trip the summary screen should update to reflect the changed trip.

A drop down menu with the driver name allows you to step through each driver as they come in without having to close the reconcile fares window.