Trip Tickets

Adding a Trip
Adding a Trip

To add a trip ticket, select one of the “Clients” buttons. This opens the Client List window. Single click a client in the list. This will highlight the client. Click the “Add Trip” button.

Note: An alternative way of doing this is to double click on the client’s name. This too will open a new trip form.

A trip ticket will now appear on the screen. The default information from the client file is automatically entered into the Trip Ticket Form. The recent frequented address for this rider can be accessed by clicking on the down arrow in the address section.

Add Trip Ticket

If the client has no previous trips in Easy Rides, click on blank area of the the delivery address, and a new address can be input. Begin by typing the first letters of the name of the address. The address window will open, displaying a list of matches. The default pickup address is the client’s home unless otherwise specified in the client file.

A specific route can be assigned at this time or simply leave the default of NA. That will place the trip in the pool to be assigned later.

New Trip Form

Also note that Easy Rides provides for trips with multiple legs (e.g. home to doctor to pharmacy to home). Each leg has a separate Trip Ticket. After filling in the information for one trip, click on the “Next Leg” button to display a new Trip Ticket to schedule either the return trip or another leg of the trip.

Any fields that are REQUIRED need to be completed. In this instance purpose of the trip needs to be selected from the drop down menu. When the “Next Leg” button is pushed the client information included in this and other fields will populate the screen for the return trip. If an individual has more than two trips scheduled, perhaps they go to the doctor then the pharmacy, and then go home, please assure that the information that might have changed, like Purpose is properly documented.

Creating and Editing Trip Tickets

Editing a Trip
Editing a Trip

A trip ticket form can be opened for editing from many different screens in Easy Rides. Once you open an existing trip you can edit anything in the trip form the same way you create a new trip. If you notice that the trip form is shaded differently than normal, check the date because it is an indication that the trip occurs in the past and this serves as a visual cue to avoid potential errors when editing a trip.

You can open a trip form from the following locations in Easy Rides:

  • Edit a Trip from the Planner – Click on a ticket placeholder in one of the timeslots of a route. Double click on the desired trip ticket.
  • Edit a Trip from the Schedule (Dispatch) Board – Single click on the desired trip ticket.
  • Find a Trip and From the Schedule Board either use the keyboard shortcut {Ctrl}+{f} or click on the menu item “Trip Tickets” then “Find a Trip”. Locate and double click the desired trip. Either of these methods will open the “Edit Trip” form. You can make any changes to the trip ticket the same way you create a trip.
  • Edit Trips from the Client List – Open the Client list. Locate the desired Client and click once on the name. With the client selected, click on the “Edit Trip” button. This will open a new window with a list of the Client’s “Scheduled and Standing Trips” and “Long-Term Reruns” and you will see that it is divided in two sections:

Scheduled Trips List

Scheduled and Regular Trips

Working with Trip Tickets
Working with Trip Tickets

The top part lists all of the trip tickets that have been created for the client either individually, from the Short Term Reruns, or when a day schedule has been created matching the conditions of a Long-Term Rerun. It shows name, date, time, pickup and delivery address, route, status and trip ID of each trip ticket. Remember that if a client has “a trip” going from home to the grocery store then back to home, there will actually be two trip tickets in Easy Rides (one for each leg of the trip). To edit a regular trip from this section, double click on the desired trip ticket and the “Edit Trip” form will open where you can make any changes.

More working with Trip Tickets
More working with Trip Tickets

Long-Term Reruns (Subscriptions)

Creating a Subscription Trip
Creating a Subscription Trip

Subscriptions (also referred to as “Long-Term Reruns”) are templates that Easy Rides uses to create trips when a matching day schedule is created and are shown at the bottom portion of the “Trips for this Client” window. The Long Term Rerun List can also be displayed by clicking on the Trip Tickets -> List Rerun Trips item in the Main Menu. Rerun Subscriptions for all clients will be listed when the Long Term Rerun List is entered from the Main Menu.

To edit the subscription (Long-Term Rerun) and double click on the desired leg or Rerun. This opens the “Edit Rerun Trip” form which looks similar to the regular trip form except it has the “From Date”, “To Date”, weeks and the days of the week checkboxes at the bottom of the form.


To delete a subscription, click once on a trip leg and then click the “Delete Rerun” button. Repeat this for each leg to be deleted.

Occasionally, a client doesn’t want their regularly scheduled ride on a certain day(s) and to easily prevent those trips from being created by Easy Rides, use the Suppress Rerun feature.

To Suppress a Rerun

Suppressing Subscriptions
Suppressing Subscriptions

There are two ways to access this. The first is to select a client in the Client List and click Edit Trip. This opens a list of the client’s trip tickets. Click the desired long term rerun to high light it, then click the “Suppress Rerun” button to display the “Suppress Rerun Subscription Trips” window. The second is to click the Trip Tickets menu item, select “List Rerun Trips” and search for the desired client name. From there, click the rerun to high light it then click the “Supress” button. Next, double click the days on the calendar the client wishes to cancel, then click OK. If the client should change their mind and want the trips after all, access the “Suppress Rerun Subscription Trips” window again and uncheck the listed Suppressed days and those trips will again be created (unless the day schedule has already been created). It’s important to remember this for each day schedule created the trip tickets for that day have also been created from the Subscription template (Long-Term Reruns) and are now independent and must be edited or modified individually in the Regular Trip section. “Suppress Rerun” only works on days that have not yet been created.

Suppress Rerun

If you cancel, no show or delete a trip ticket and the Client has other trip tickets for that day, Easy Rides will prompt you to apply the same (cancel, no show or delete) to the other trip tickets for that day. If you wish to also do the same for the other trips, check the box next to the appropriate leg (trip). If you do not, then leave the checkbox cleared. Once you decide whether or not to include the other trips click the “OK” button.

Client has other trips

Subscription Trips

Easy Rides provides for two types of Subscription (Rerun) Trips: “Short Term” and “Long Term”. Short Term Reruns are trips that will be repeated on a regular basis for a reasonably short period of time - up to 90 days. This is also where you will create subscriptions for the odd schedule (e.g. every other Wed). Creating a Short Term Subscription is like using a copy machine in the sense that Easy Rides will immediately create copies of a trip that you want to repeat on the days you specify. Upon completion of creating a short term subscription, the tickets become independent of each other and are then listed in the regular trip section of the Client’s “Edit Trip” screen.

Subscription Trip

Creating a Long Term Subscription is more like creating a template in Easy Rides used to generate trips when day schedules are created matching the conditions (days) of the long term subscription template.

Short Term Subscriptions (Reruns)

Clicking the “Subscription” button on the Client List Form and then the “Short Term” tab will display the Short Term Rerun Form. Within this Short Term form there are two methods: “Regular Trips” and which is to enter the From Date and the To Date for the period that the Trip Tickets are to be generated (the maximum period is 90 days) then check the days of the week for each trip. After setting the From Date, To Date, selecting the desired weeks and checking the days, click on the Create Trips button and a list of the trips will be shown on the right.

Short Term Subscriptions

“Special Trips” and are trips which can also be added to the list by double clicking on a date in the calendar at the top of the form.

Trip Tickets will only be generated for the dates with a check in the box. In this example, we are going to generate trip tickets for every Tuesday and Thursday from December 18 2008, to January 16, 2009 and then an additional special trip on Thursday January 29 as well. Don’t worry too much about the names “Regular Trips” and “Special Trips” on this form and either method will have the same results as long as the days are checked on the right side of the screen. It should be noted that the disadvantage of using short term subscriptions is that the “Suppress Rerun Subscriptions” feature is not available because the trip tickets are generated immediately and now must be handled independently (see the section on “Editing Trips” for more detail).

Long Term Subscriptions Trips

The Long Term Reruns feature provides you with a convenient form for creating a subscription for this trip (including all legs). Clicking on the “Subscription” button on the Client List Form will display the “Create Multiple Trips” form with the “Subscription (Long-term)” tab displayed.

Long Term Reruns

A subscription will be created to generate Trip Tickets for each week and day that is checked during the period specified in the From Date and To Date fields. Trip Tickets are not actually generated until a New Day Schedule is created matching the subscription’s checked days.

Clicking on the “OK” button from the “Subscription (Long-term)” tab will display the New Trip Ticket Form for entering the details and any subsequent legs and from this point, the process is the same as creating a regular trip and see the chapter on “Creating a Trip” for more details on that. Trip Tickets will not be generated until the OK button is clicked on the Trip Ticket Form. Once you click the “OK” button, trip tickets will be created for the existing day schedules within the dates you specified. The remaining trip tickets will be created upon each matching day schedules creation.

Check Permit Status

Check Permit Status is found on the Easy Rides “Tools” menu. This feature displays a list of Clients whose authorization has expired or is expiring in the number of days specified. Double clicking on a Client or selecting the Client then clicking the “Edit” button opens the Client Form for editing.

About Time for Rides

Please note that Easy Rides uses military time to document pick up and drop off times. In the sample trip above the individual is being picked up at 14:30 (or 2:30 pm) and will arrive at her destination at 15:00 (or 3:00 pm). Below is a table you can use for translating conventional time into military time:

Telling Time