Updating Reruns

When you first create a rerun, Easy Rides automatically will create trip tickets from the rerun for each open day schedule. However, sometimes a rider changes their mind and you need to change the rerun. This might happen after you have made changes to the trip tickets that came from the rerun, such as assigning the trip to a different route for the day, or adjusting the times of the trip. Easy Rides can help with autmoatically updating data on trips when updating the rerun, but it is important to use care to make sure you make the right changes.

Different Types of Updates

There are several different types of things you could update on a rerun that you might want to apply to a trip ticket. We will show each of them.

Reset Trip Ticket to match the rerun.

Imagine if you have changed several trip ticket after they were created from the rerun and you would like to reset them to match the rerun. Simply open the rerun, and click OK. You will be greeted with a dialog that says:

No Changes Dialog

If you say yes to this dialog, all trips will be reset to look just like the rerun. Any changes you have made to the route, times, addresses, or anything else will be reverted.

You will then get a list of trip ticket that the changes will be applied to. You can check the box to select all, or only select some tickets to update.

Update ticket list

Extend the expiration date or the days a rerun is scheduled for.

If you have a rerun that is close to expiring, when you extend the rerun, it will offer to create those days. If you change the rerun to expire sooner, and there are trips for the days past the expiration it will offer to remove those trip tickets.

Extend Rerun

Truncate Rerun

Change attributes of a rerun.

If you change data on a trip ticket, such as the address or times of a trip, you will be prompted choose whether to update corresponding trip tickets with just the attributes you changed, or all attributes. If you click OK, only the items you change will be updated, if you click All, all attributes will be changed. For example: If you update the DO address and times of a ticket, you may or may not want to also have the trip tickets have their route reset to the pool. In this case you would click OK to only update the address and times, or choose All if you want to reset existing trips to the pool as well.

Ticket Changes

Once you choose OK or All you will be given a list of ticket to apply the changes to.

Ticket Change list

Removing days from a trip.

At this time, if you deselect which days you are riding, Easy Rides does not automatically remove the trips for those days. This will probably change in a future release.