Easy Rides 3.2.4

Released 9/24/2012

Easy Rides Release 3.2 Release 4 has a number of new features. Primary among them are:

Custom ‘Trip Note’ colors.

You can now configure additional colors to highlight trips on the dispatch board, and assign each color a label to remind staff the ‘meaning’ of each color. Clients can have default trip colors set in the client form. This feature is enabled from Easy Rides Utility under Admin->Alphabetical->Trip Note Color. If no trip note colors are configured, the standard Red, Blue Black and Green colors will be available by default.

Custom Colors

Provider and Funders indicators.

In addition to custom colors for trips. You can also give funders and providers a color. Funder colors are drawn as a dashed line on the left edge of a trip ticket, provider colors show as a colored border around a trip ticket. Both Funder and Provider colors can be configured in the Easy Rides Utility.

Screen Shot 2012-08-01 at 4.00.07 PM

Route Validation in Route Headings.

Route headings will show an exclamation mark if a route has trips scheduled too early or too late for that route. Hovering over the route will tell you what the validation error is. More validations are likely to be added in future releases.


Trip Audit

This optional feature allows for logging of every change to a trip ticket and easily changing a trip ticket back to a previous state. Talk with Mobilitat Staff for details on how to enable and use this feature if you need a detailed log of all trip ticket changes.

Trip Audit Clip

Other Important Features:

  • Ride Reminder automated calls now use a less expensive phone provider, and add the option for service messages to be easily customized.
  • Edit archived (delivered) trips tool in ER Utility, has improved sorting options and an added Stops Based mode for calculating time between each stop.
  • Monthly Reports now sort inactive list items to the bottom of drop-downs and displays them in grey to make it easier to distinguish active from inactive options.
  • Route Notes: The ability to add a note to a route, visible when hovering over a route heading.

Minor additions and changes:

  • Update for Medicaid and ANSI 5010 formats.
  • Corrected sorting of Funders and Providers in certain drop-down lists.
  • Improved the robustness of MapClip integration.
  • Dispatch board refresh improvements.
  • Improved validation for duplicate clients.
  • Longer names supported on client form
  • Improved handling of driver statuses (Revenue,/Non Revenue, End Service etc).
  • Improved trip selection for Subset Optimize feature.
  • Trip form now has tooltip for showing SSN and medical ID over client name
  • Update to auto scheduling tools.
  • Bulletin board improvements.
  • Print manifest now includes Sent Trips.