Easy Rides 3.2.8

Released 10/11/2013

Easy Rides 3.2 Release 8 new features:

Added Support for Walk-on Trips via Tablets

Users of the Easy Rides Tablet based driver manifest can now configure a tab to allow for recording of anonymous, walk-on passengers. Contact Mobilitat to learn more and for assistance configuring the feature. Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 1.06.13 PM

Other Important Features:

  • Log Odometer and time formatting changes to allow reviewing logs by route.
  • Added new Route Constraints to support Walk-on feature
  • Enhancements to ERWebServer
  • Many enhancements to Trip Import Feature
  • Added database indexed to improve performance
  • Fixed Refresh and Route Assignment issues
  • Changed how Ride Reminder to sends dates in SMS Messages
  • Holding the shift key while making all trips hot will now include gap tickets.