3 3 Release 14 Release Notes:

New Items in Easy Rides 3.3.14

Stops View

Stops Mode is a way to show trips split into PU and DO entries instead of a combined trip view. To see stops view, click the Stops button at the top of your screen. You will see each stop split into 2 lines, one for the PU stop (with the icon for that trip next to the name, and one for the DO stop, with no icon next to the name.

Toggle Stops view

You can toggle stops view off by clicking the Stops button again. It may take some getting used to, be we feel the new view provides more information and can help when trying to schedule many trips onto a bus at once.

Completion Boxes

You can click the red flag next to the stops button to display completion boxes. These boxes will show you what completion data is recorded for the trip, including PU/DO Odometers and Arrive, On Board, Deliver and Depart Timestamps. If all the boxes are green, you have good data. If any are white, that data is missing, if they are red, the values may not be correct. The top row of boxes is for the PU stop, the bottom row is for the DO stop. The left boxes are for the odometers, and the next two boxes are for Arrive On Board (PU) or Deliver, Depart (DO) timestamps. If the boxes are yellow, they data may be good, but it’s worth checking. For example, if the PU and DO odometer are the same value the boxes will be yellow.

This lets you get a quick glance of the completed trips and how well your drivers are doing for the day.

Completion Boxes

List Trips

To the left of the Names button (next to the Stops button) is the word ‘List’. Click on this to see two more buttons. The first will open a list of recently opened trips. This is a quick way to find a trip you were just working with if you forgot which trip you just had open. The second button will open a list of all hot or selected trips. This can be helpful if you have selected trips across many routes when you are searching for trips with a common destination.

List Recent Trips Buttons

Route Name Quick Filter

When working on the Dispatch Board or Planner, begin typing the name of a route. The route name filter area will automatically appear, and the routes will be filtered based on what is typed. The backspace key can clear out the text and return to showing all routes.

Route Name Filter

Note that the route filter will allow routes that were set to be hidden to appear if they match.