Client Attributes

To provide for consistent reporting some client attributes have been pre-programmed into the software. These include Age Groups and Ethnic codes.

Client Attributes are entered in the Easy Rides Utility section. Click on Admin, Clients & Attributes then Age Groups.

Age Groups

The types of age groups having been predetermined are: * Child * Youth * Adult * Elderly

Age Groups

Changing Age Groups

In Easy Rides, an adult is considered to be anyone from 19 to 60 years of age. It is possible to change these age ranges or add new topics. For example if you want to change the term Elderly to apply to anyone 65 or older:

  1. Click on the Age Value field on the row for “Elderly” to highlight the field
  2. Change the age value from 60 to 65
  3. Click the checkmark
  4. Click the OK button

It is important to accurately collect the birthdates of riders to ensure the proper icon is displayed next to the riders name on the dispatch board identifying riders by age. Below are samples of the icons.

Age Codes

Ethnic Codes

#### Why Ethnic Codes Are Important

Documenting client race is important to show that your transportation system is serving the whole community. When inputting information about clients encourage staff to correctly gather and input this information the first time a rider is added to the Mobilitat transportation system. Once this data is correctly stored, any trips scheduled by that rider will include the ethnic code and enable transportation managers to produce reports showing the number of trips provided to community members by ethnicity.

To add Ethnic Codes, enter the Easy Rides Utilities, then lick on Admin, Clients & Attributes then Ethnic Codes.

The types of ethnic codes having already been pre-programmed into the Easy Rides System include: * African American * Caucasian * Hispanic * Pacific Islander * Asian * Native American * Unknown

Ethnic Codes

These are the types of headings that have appeared in most recent government reporting. It is possible to add additional ethnic codes (ex. Mixed race, Native Hawaiian etc.)

Adding Ethnic Codes

To add additional Ethnic codes: 1. Click on the “+” symbol 2. Assign an order to the new category 3. Type in the new category under “Ethnic” 4. Click the checkmark 5. Click the OK button.

Client Status

Statuses can be used to designate Client specific attributes such as:

  • Uses Large Wheelchair
  • Uses Leg Extensions
  • Uses Oxygen
  • Has Service Animal

This list can be customized for your needs. To add Statuses, enter the Easy Rides Utility and click on Admin, Clients & Attributes then Statuses.

  1. Click on the “+” symbol
  2. Assign an order to the new category
  3. Type in the new category under “Status Code”
  4. Click the checkmark
  5. Then click OK.


Client Affiliations

Affiliations can be used in conjunction with Contacts & Contributors. Your system may have certain groups who ask for information on your statistics or you may need to list your contacts under a particular group for mailing purposes.

To add Affiliations:

  1. Click on the + symbol.
  2. Assign an order number.
  3. Enter a name in the name field.
  4. Enter an address if applicable.
  5. Click the checkmark
  6. Click “OK”.

Note: In order to use affiliations for mailing labels, it is best to separate city, state and zip.

From Easy Rides Utilities, Click on Admin, Clients & Attributes then Affiliations.


Contacts and Contributors

Easy Rides has included a place for your system to keep track of your contacts and contributors. This will allow you to create mailing lists and labels. Some systems have community partners contributing funds or equipment to the system. Maybe you have customers who live in group homes or foster care. These lists can be used for mailing thank you notes, or service alerts, etc.

To add Contacts and Contributors, enter the Easy Rides Utility and click on Click on Admin, Clients & Attributes then Contacts & Contributors.


The form can be used several ways. As a general contact, you would enter just the contact information. If this contact is associated with an affiliation, you would click inside the Affiliation box and a list of the affiliations will be available for you to choose from. By clicking on the “C” box, the client list will become available and you can associate this contact with a particular client.