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To Easy Rides, a Route is a set of trips. That set of trips can be assigned to any bus and driver. You should avoid naming a route after a bus, in case that bus becomes unavailable. You should also avoid using names for Routes that describe the route service area, in case the route evolves over time. Routes should be given abstract names such as sports teams, fictional characters, music groups etc. This will make changing routes, buses and drivers less confusing by avoiding conflicting names. ### To Set up Routes

From the Easy Rides Utility, click on Admin, Programs & Fares then Routes.


“NA” should always be the first item in the Route Table.

“REQUIRED” should NOT be included in the table. Easy Rides will always require either “NA” or a Route Name.

In the example above, the transit system decided to name their Routes after fictional characters.

Each Route must have a start and end time. Routes can be given a min of 1, representing one minute after midnight to a maximum of 23:59, representing one minute to midnight. Easy Rides will flash a pop-up message should you try to schedule a ride prior to the routes start time. Easy Rides will also flash a pop-up message should you try to schedule a ride after that route has finished for the day.

Ticket Constrained

Route Auto Load & the Dispatch Board

The AutoLoad feature tells the dispatch board to automatically load the route each time a dispatch board is opened. The default of this field is True. If the route cell is changed to False, then the dispatcher has the option to load that route only on the days that route may be running. For example you may only have R-9 running on Saturdays. More information will be available on this topic in the Dispatch Board section of the manual.

Route Auto Load

Renaming Routes

If you need to rename a route, you can click the name, and edit it. Once you are dont editing, you will be given a date prompt to choose when you want the name change to apply. This is to let you choose what to do with past records, giving you the option of keeping the old route name for past trips and only using the new route name for newer trips. Once you se the date, the new route name will show up in Easy Rides (make sure to restart Easy Rides after you change route names).