To update Easy Rides, run the program: ERAutoUpdate.exe. This program will rename the existing copy of Easy Rides and Easy Rides Utility and place them in a folder called old_exes. Then it will download new version.



  • Before running the ERAutoUpdate.exe it is best to have all users close Easy Rides first. Once the update is done, users re-opening Easy Rides will get the newest version.
  • The user running the ERAutoUpdate must have permission to modify the contents of the Mobilitat folder.
  • If the black update window opens and closes without waiting for user input, the configuration file may be empty. IF this happens, contact Mobilitat
  • If an update has issues, it is possible to copy the Easy Rides from the old_exes folder back to the main folder and run that copy. If this happens, please also contact Mobilitat.

Techncial Details for IT:

When a user runs the ERAutoUdate.exe in the application’s shared folder, it’s reading the updater.yml file that’s in the same folder and using the path and credentials stored in that .yml file to log into our server. It then copies the old exes into the old_exes sub-folder and renames them to include the date of the update on the name of the file, downloads another program (ER3.exe) that unzips the new application files and then deletes the ER3.exe when that’s finished. The whole process usually takes less than 30 seconds.

The ERAutoUdate.exe runs in the security context of the user that ran it so that user must have full read/write permissions in the share so the ERAutoUdate.exe can do it’s thing.

Occasionally an antivirus software could see the activity as suspicious and quarantine the exe or the functionality of it but we very rarely see this. If that happens, you may need to create an exclusion in the AV software (on the workstation of the person that runs it) for the ERAutoUdate.exe to allow it to run.

The software is not actually “installed” on workstations, so the ERAutoUdate.exe is not modifying any installed programs on any computers and nothing is being written to the registry. Only the Easy Rides program .exes that are in the Easy Rides share are affected.