Setting Up a Tablet for Easy Rides Driver Manifest

Brand new or factory reset tablets

After initial power up, you’ll be prompted to setup the tablet with language, time zone, etc. Just follow the prompts.

When prompted to setup a google account or email:

  1. Setup/Add Google Account. You’ll need a google account to log in to many functions on the tablet including the Google Play Store where you’ll download the Mobilitat driver manifest. Google accounts are free and you can either create one account for each tablet, or just use one gmail account for all of your tablets like many agencies do. You might choose an account name such as This is usually easier to do on a computer in advance.
  2. Log in with the tablet’s google account. If you don’t get the prompt, it’s under Settings>Accounts> Tap on Google or Add account and enter the account name and password. Swipe down from the top of the tablet to reveal the gear icon which is Settings.

Settings Quick Menu


  1. Go to the Play Store and search for Mobilitat Driver Manifest and install it.

Play Store

  1. Open the app and it will prompt you to enter the URL for your tablet server. Of course, you’ll need to know what the URL is, so get this from your Manager, IT department or you can call Mobilitat – we probably have it on file. Tap the http:// or https:// button as necessary and then enter the rest of your tablet server URL or IP address followed by a “:” and the port number if needed and tap OK.

Tablet URL & Login

  1. If you see the Login screen, you got it right.
  2. Go into the Apps on the tablet then tap and hold on the Mobilitat app and drag it to the home screen.
  3. It’s generally a good idea to drag all of the extra stuff that the drivers don’t need on the home screen to the trash. You might leave the email and gallery.
  4. Go into the tablet’s settings and find the Application Manager.
  5. Find the MLS app and tap on it.
  6. Go into Permissions and make sure that Location is allowed. This is something to check also if the AVL isn’t updating for a particular tablet.

Install TeamViewer Quick Support

It’s helpful to Mobilitat support staff (and perhaps you or your IT staff) to install TeamViewer Quick Support on the tablet also so that the driver can ask for remote assistance on the tablet when needed.

  1. Go back to the Play Store and search for TeamViewer Quick Support and install that too. Place a shortcut for that on the home screen too.
  2. Run the TeamViewer Quick Support and it will likely download and install whatever tablet specific add-on app it needs. Once this is done, you can close it.

Other things to do that are usually helpful

The following items are usually helpful and can be done in any order. If these items are not done, it may not cause problems, but we usually take these steps to prevent problems and may ask that you do these if you’re experiencing trouble.

  • Turn off Wi-Fi – Sometimes, the tablet doesn’t make a graceful transition between a Wi-Fi connection and the cellular data network. Generally, you’re better off to just stay on the cellular network. Swipe down from the top of the tablet to reveal the gear icon which is Settings.
  • Set Location Method to Device Only Mode – By default, the tablet will likely be in High Accuracy Mode. This isn’t quite a great as it sounds, because it will turn the Wi-Fi back on to search for hotspots and networks. You’re better off just using GPS Only or Device Only which is really just as accurate when you’re outdoors or in a vehicle anyway.
  • Go into Settings then Location then Locating Method and tap on GPS only or Device Only.
  • If your agency has Mobilitat Bluetooth modules, be sure to also turn on the Bluetooth Radio.
  • Open the Google Maps and accept the use conditions prior to using the manifest.

Default Map and Location Settings

  • It’s helpful to log into the tablet with a driver’s ID and password that has trips on the sent board on today’s schedule.
  • Click on the map icon next to a stop.
  • If you get the Open With dialogue, be sure to tap the Google Maps icon and NOT VZNavigator or other map programs then tap the Always text. The Google Maps icon should be selected by default.

Reset Default Apps

If something other than Google Maps got set as the default app, you can clear out the defaults. Usually it’s Verizon VZNavigator that somehow gets set as the default and it may prompt the user to pay. To change it back to Google Maps:

  1. Go into the Settings
  2. Tap Applictations then Default Applications
  3. Find the offending map app and tap the CLEAR button next to it.
  4. Go back into the driver’s manifest and tap on the map icon then select Google Maps and tap Always.