Tablet Offline (Red Border)

Tablet Offline

  1. Don’t log out while offline unless finished with shift
  2. Most of the time, offline mode is temporary and short-lived. You should be back online soon. If not, check the settings of the tablet:

    1. Tap on the clock in the corner of the screen
    2. Find “Data” and make sure it’s on
    3. Find “Airplane Mode” and make sure it’s NOT enabled
  3. When connectivity is restored, records stored on the tablet will sync automatically

Bluetooth Module (vehicle) disconnected

  1. Ensure engine is running
  2. Tap on BT icon by odometer – ensure Bluetooth radio on tablet is on
  3. Check tablet settings to ensure Bluetooth is On

App not responding (can’t open trip stops)

  1. Tap the Refresh button & try again
  2. Clear Cache a. Swipe down on the app screen to reveal the app menu b. Tap on app menu and tap Clear Cache – this will force you log in again
  3. Clear Data

App Manager Clear Data

  1. Go into the tablet settings

    a. Tap the clock on the tablet

    b. Tap the gear icon to go into settings

  2. Tap on App Manager and find Mobilitat MLS and Tap
  3. Tap the Clear Data button
  4. When you run the app again you’ll need to re-enter the URL for your agency

    a. Tap the http:// button and enter your agency’s url (Do NOT use the https:// button)

    b. Tap OK

Tablet’s location not updating on the AVL map in Easy Rides

  1. Go into the tablet’s settings and find the Application Manager.
  2. Find the MLS app and tap on it.
  3. Go into Permissions and make sure that Location is allowed. This is something to check also if the AVL isn’t updating for a particular tablet.

Tablet not responding (not just the app but everything)

  1. Press and hold power button to force power down
  2. Press powe3r button to power back up
  3. If everything works normally on tablet, open Driver’s Manifest app