About Grouping Tickets

Uses of Buddies (Buddies and Grouped Tickets are used interchangeably here)

Buddying trip tickets can be a handy way of handling trip tickets that always go together (such as parents and kids or client and attendant) because you only have to treat one of the Buddies tickets. This also has the potential for error however, if trip tickets in a group are actually more independent than you may have thought. For example, let’s say that Vivian and Ted both reside at the same apartments and almost always travel together to the Senior Center at the same times so you have their Reruns set as Buddies. One day, Ted isn’t going (but Vivian still is). As long as you cancel Ted’s ticket and check the other leg(s) of Ted’s trip(s) but NOT Vivian’s trip(s) in the “Client Has Other Trips” window you’ll be OK. But if you forget about Ted’s trip tickets, they may follow Vivian’s trip tickets step by step as you handle them through the process and may end up being delivered without your notice or warning from Easy Rides Trip tickets can be grouped (buddied) together so when you handle one ticket in the group the other tickets are also selected for the same action, for example a mother traveling with a child should be grouped. When you move a buddied trip ticket around on the Dispatch Board (to a route, sent, on board, delivered) all of the tickets buddied with it are moved also. Buddied tickets consist of a “Parent” ticket which is the beginning of the group and one or more “Child” tickets. The terms “Parent” and “Child” in this instance refer only to the original ticket (Parent) and the other tickets (Child) associated (Buddied) ““ NOT an actual Parent/Child relationship. ### Open the Buddies Editor

Buddies Button

From the Dispatch Board click on the “Buddies” Button, you will notice the screen is divided into a left pane (with Paired tickets) and the right pane (Unpaired tickets). Trip Tickets tab”“ if you wish to edit or create paired regular trip tickets, click on the “Trip Tickets” tab and use the calendar form to select the desired date. Tickets show Pickup Time and Client name (Last, First).


Reruns tab:

If you wish to edit or create paired Reruns, click on the “Reruns” tab. Rerun Tickets show Client name (Last, First), Pickup Time and days of the week the Rerun is scheduled to load. There is no calendar form on the Rerun tab because you are working with trip templates (Reruns) and not actual trip tickets. Once the day schedule is created, those paired Reruns will also display as regular trips on the “Trip Tickets” tab.

Rerun Buddies

Working with Grouped Tickets

To Create Buddies

Locate the first trip ticket to be paired from the right side of the Buddies Editor form and drag it to the left side of the form to begin the pairing (this is called the “Parent” ticket). In this case, we want to buddy Amy and Marjorie Reynolds together on their morning Reruns so we drag Amy’s morning rerun trip ticket from right to left. We wouldn’t want to put more than one leg of a client’s trip tickets in the same group so in the event multiple legs, we would create two groups for the client.

Create Buddies

With the desired “Parent” ticket highlighted, drag and drop the other trips, one at a time, from the right pane onto the top of the original ticket in the group.

Buddies Parent

You should now see a (Symbol 1 ) symbol to the left of the “Parent” ticket and the “Child” ticket beneath as an indication the tickets are associated (Buddies). Clicking on the (Symbol 1 ) symbol to the left of the “Parent” will collapse the group from view. Clicking the (Symbol 2 ) symbol to the left will expand it again.

Edit a Group

If the desired Parent ticket isn’t already expanded, click the (Symbol 2 ) symbol to the left to expand the Buddies to see the other Buddy names. Click and drag tickets from the right to the left (dropping them on the “Parent”) to add to the group, or drag and drop tickets from left to right to ungroup those tickets. You must first remove all “Child” tickets from a “Parent” ticket prior to moving the “Parent” ticket back into the ungrouped tickets column.

Moving Grouped Tickets

Click on the special needs icon of any of the grouped tickets you wish to move ““ notice that all of the tickets in the group are also selected (made hot). Move as desired to a route, Sent, On Board or Delivered all of the tickets in the group will also move to the same location or status.

Move Grouped Tickets

Changing Conditional Trip of Grouped Tickets

If you right click on a ticket that is Buddies with another and “Cancel”, “No Show” or “Delete” the trip(s), the “Client Has Other Trips” window will open displaying the other legs (if any) of that Client’s trips as well as other Client’s trips that are Buddies. In this case, we right-clicked on Amy’s 0800 trip and clicked “Cancel This Trip”. It should be noted, that “Suspend” or “Deny” will only affect the one trip you clicked on.

Client has other Trips

In some cases you may also see this information popup.

Client has other trips confirm screen