Coloring Trip Tickets

Trip Note Color

This feature provides numerous benefits. First, the Cool All button cools all Hot tickets. The second button allows users to flag selected hot tickets with a specific color. The third button makes hot, all tickets of a specific color.

Trip Note Colors Buttons 2

Selector Tool

Selector Tool

Click on the set of arrows on the left to open the Selector Tool. When you make a ticket hot, you can then set a time range and choose to see all the tickets in the Pool, Route, Schedule, Route+ (includes sent and onboard trips) or All having the same Pick-up, Drop-off, Pick-up time or other options. The selections accumulate so if you make one hot ticket, find similar tickets in the pool, you can then add more similar tickets from another area like a route. You can then choose to place the results in one route thus making scheduling easier and maximizing your routes

Selector Tools Options