Other Route Options

Route Assignments (Alternate Access Method)

Selecting Route Assignments from the Route Bar menu opens the same Route Assignments window discussed previously.

Remove Route for Today

This option deletes the route from the current day schedule only. Any tickets left on the route will be marked as cancelled.

Cool All Tickets

You can also cool all tickets by clicking the “Cool All” control button or by right clicking on any ticket and selecting Cool All Tickets from the menu.

Make All Scheduled Tickets Hot

Choosing “Make Hot This Route” is useful for handling a route’s tickets all at once. For example, you could move all tickets from the scheduled to the sent board after a route’s manifest is printed.

Choosing “Make Hot All Routes” is a risky procedure. If you accidentally click in a route all trips would be moved to that one route. Whatever procedure you choose will be applied to all hot trip tickets.