Driver manifests

There are two manifest options. Built in and Custom Manifest. The preferred method of printing manifests is the Custom Manifests option.

Custom Manifests


Once Mobilitat has delivered a custom manifest access file, you will need to configure each workstation to use the manifest file using the following steps:

  1. Right click on a route heading and choose “Print Manifest”

Print Manifest

  1. On the Manifest screen, on the MS Access tab, click Open.

Select Manifest

  1. Navigate to the manifest file and click on OK.

  2. Next, close and then re-open the Print Manifest dialog. This will load the dialog with the selected manifest file.

  3. Click the List Manifest button. This will list all the manifest reports available in the access file.

  4. Click the manifest you want to use from the list, and then click on the Setup button. This will open a preview, and will also remember your choice.

  5. Close the Setup windows and the print manifest dialog. The next time you open the print dialog menu, you will be ready to print.

Note: These steps need to be done on each computer that might need to be able to print.


When printing, there are a Scheduled, All, and Clear buttons. Scheduled will select all routes that have trips. All will select all routes even if there are no trips and Clear will unselect all routes. You can also manually choose which route to print by checking the box next to each route name.

Built in Manifests

There are multiple format options for driver’s route sheets, commonly called manifests. Easy Rides has at least 14 different designs of driver manifests already programmed. There is also the capacity to design your own driver manifest using MS Access. To access the Driver Manifests, open the Dispatch Board, then Right Click on a Route heading, and Select Print Manifests. This opens the Print Manifests window.

Printing Manifests
Printing Manifests

Print Manifest

  • Select the Pre-Formatted tab.
  • Choose the type of manifest you want printed.
  • Select the driver(s) you want to print manifests for.
  • Click the Print button.

Print Manifests Together

Easy Rides remembers the most recent selection of manifest that you made. Once you decide the type of format that you will use, you will only have to select the format once, unless you choose to change manifest type you are using.

Using the option that says “Print Manifests…“ is the best option if you are going to print manifest for more then one route.

The choices of Print Manifest Portrait or Print Manifest Landscape allow you to print the manifest for only one driver at a time.

It is also possible to export manifests to other formats including MS Access, Rich Text Format, and Tab delimited format. This would enable you to produced customized manifests, send manifests via e-mail or manipulate manifests in other ways.