How to Configure and Use Ride Reminder


Ride Reminder is a handy tool to send out a lot of calls at once to riders on a day schedule. It is a one-way system that uses an internet calling service and does not use your phone lines, but does display your chosen caller ID. Calls can go out to selected clients with phone numbers in their chosen language and voice/text preference. If you have not configured a message in a client’s preferred language, it will default to English.

Each person only gets one call, so if they have multiple trips they only get called the one time. There is an option to allow you to call people again even if they’ve already been called.

If you’re using tablets with Easy Rides, you can configure specific named messages that are used for the Driver Call Ahead button and the No Show Call button.


• Ride Reminder feature (comes in Easy Rides Basic and above).

• Easy Rides staff have configured your account and setup your database.

• Messages configured.

• A day schedule with trips.

First time setup

  1. Contact Easy Rides support staff in advance to request that they setup the Ride Reminder account and configure your database. This may already be done in your system.

  2. From the Tools menu in Easy Rides, go to Easy Ride Reminder menu item and open the feature.

Ride Reminder Menu

  1. Click on the Message Setup Button.
    Message Setup

  2. Name the message “Ride Reminder”,”Driver Call Ahead” or “Driver No Show” to configure the standard recognized message types. Designate whether it’s a call or SMS and select the language. You must create a new message with the exact same name for each variation of Call/SMS and language.

  3. Type in your message. You can copy and paste variabls that will be replaced with the items as shown in the examples.

  4. You can create a one-time or custom call by adding a call and naming it anything you want such as “Weather Delays”.

To Use

Once you have configured your messages, you can use the Message Select dropdown to designate the message you want to send out. Message Select

  1. Use the Custom Call Group selector to designate groups of people to be called with the checkbox.

  2. Click the “Move Checked>” button to add the selected groups of people to the right pane containing people to be called. The groups can layer on top of each other.

Call Selector

  1. Use the dropdown list of messages to designate the message to send.

  2. Click the “Place Calls” button. That’s it!

Testing the Call Out

You can test the message and service by doubleclicking one person on the available list in the left pane then checking the “Test” checkbox. This will reveal a field where you can type in a test number with the format of 13605551212 - you do need to have the 1 in front of the area code and number. Do not type in dashes, parenthesis or spaces - only the number.

Driver Call Ahead

If you’re runing the Angular version of the tablet server (ERWebServer), there will be a phone icon next to each person’s pickup stop. This is for the Driver Call Ahead feature that will send out a single call to that person when the driver taps the phone icon. To set that up in Ride Reminder you must configure a message (directions above) with the name “Driver Call Ahead”.

It is not a good idea to put a time variable or mention a specific amount of time in the message because that could lead the passenger to think they don’t need to be out there until that time. Not only that, but the driver will have to tap the phone button at a certain time while he or she is driving and is not safe to interact with the tablet. Keep it generic - something like “Hello @ClientName, your @ProviderName driver, is on the way to your location for pick up. Please stand by, we will be there shortly.”

Driver No Show

If you’re runing the Angular version of the tablet server (ERWebServer), there is an option to send a No Show call when needed. When the driver taps the No Show button on the tablet manifest (after Arriving the stop), a popup will appear asking if the driver wants to send the No Show call. To set that up in Ride Reminder you must configure a message (directions above) with the name “Driver No Show”

Send No Show Prompt