The Planner Board:

Planner Board
Planner Board

Add a trip from the Planner Board
Add a trip from the Planner Board

Day Schedule on Planner and via the calendar icon on the Dispatch Board (open days are indicated in bold):

Planner Board

The Planner is a great resource for managing trip tickets and being able to easily spot potential openings for a trip on a day schedule that has already been created. It also works great for verifying there are no tickets on a day schedule before you archive and delete it. You can get to the Planner Board by clicking on the Planner button on the Dispatch Board. The Planner offers several functions to speed the operations of scheduling and dispatch.

Day Schedules are accessed at the top just as they are on the Dispatch Board.

Planner Board

At a glance you can see where there are time slots available on each route. Each column represents a route with the route name at the top of the column. There is also a column for the Pool. White areas represent times when no pick-up is scheduled. In this instance time slots are in fifteen minute increments. Time slots can be set to anywhere from 1 minute to 61 minute increments.

Change the intervals for viewing trips

Click on the number in the interval box, input a number between 1 and 61 and click on the Refresh button or use the slider bar to the right of the interval box

Colored Tickets on the Board

Each colored cell indicates pick-up(s) are scheduled for that time period. Tickets that appear to be stacked indicate more than one trip scheduled for that time frame. The bar extending downward from each ticket indicates how long that trip is scheduled on the vehicle. * Yellow - trips that are scheduled or are in the pool * Blue - at least one rider is in a wheelchair * Green - sent to the driver * Magenta - the rider is on board * Gray - not on the schedule board (staged, delivered, no show, cancelled, denied, deleted, suspended).

Note that the total number of scheduled trips is displayed on the Planner Board directly above the color legend for trip tickets. In this instance there are expected to be 93 trips for the day. The colors on the right of each cell represent the pickup and drop off zone colors. The gray cells with yellow diagonal stripes represent gap tickets for breaks, lunches etc.

Viewing and Editing Trip Tickets

To view the ticket(s) at a particular time and route, click once on the corresponding cell. In the example on the right the Daisy route at 7:30am was selected. There are two Trip Tickets associated with this time period and the summarized information is displayed on the Planner.

View and edit Trip Tickets

From here, if you single click on a Trip Ticket, that individual’s Trip Ticket Form will be displayed. Changes can be made to the Trip Ticket Form and will be saved if you press the OK button at the bottom of the form. You will need to click on the “Refresh” button in order to display the changed information on the planner.

Clicking on a Route heading at the top of the grid will display the number of trips for the Route and a list of all of the trips assigned to the Route for the Day, sorted in order of pickup time. In the example on the right the Wiley route was selected.

Click on Route Heading

Additional Options for Handling Tickets on the Planner

Right-clicking on a ticket will display a popup menu. The Trip Ticket status can be changed by clicking on one of the eight menu items: Schedule, Send, On Board, Deliver, No Show, Cancel, Delete or Suspend. When you return to the Planner, you must click on the “Refresh” button in order to update the information display.

Adding a Trip Ticket

It is possible to add trips while use the Planner Board. Right click on the cell corresponding to the time and route where you want to add a trip. A single menu item “New Trip” appears. Click on the “New Trip” item, and the client list will appear. Select a client’s name from the list and press the “Add A Trip” button. When the Trip Ticket appears it will include the time and route you selected. Complete the Trip Ticket with the destination address and other pertinent information then press the OK button at the bottom of the Trip Ticket Form. You will need to click on the “Refresh” button in order to display the new ticket on the Planner.

Moving Trips From One Route To Another

The planner board allows you to consolidate trips onto fewer routes resulting in cost savings. For instance, if there are only a couple of trips on one route, we may be able to move those trips to another route thereby eliminating a route for the day. If we determine another route can accommodate both of the trips and is in the general area for the pickups, we:

3 Step Moves

Planner Capacity Notification

The Planner board also calculates possible schedule capacity problems when vehicles are assigned to routes. Routes that appear to have too many scheduled wheelchairs or not enough seats at a certain time are marked with a red column heading and the time where the conflict occurs will be shaded in an orange and white caution color.

Planner Capacity Notification

Trip Intervals

You can select the intervals that apply when printing fixed interval style manifests.